[thelist] Help: ColdFusion - Just in time compilation error.

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Tue Jul 4 05:49:03 CDT 2006

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From: "Tushar Bengali" <bengalit at techmahindra.com>
> Just in time compilation error
> Invalid token found on line 148 at position 20. ColdFusion was looking
> at the following text:
> <
> The code on the line 148 is :
> <CFCOL HEADER="<U> <B> Last Modified
> </U> </B>" WIDTH=30 TEXT="<A><B>#datelastmodified#<B></A>">

That line seems OK, I just tried it with a dummy query (below) and it worked 
without error using CFMX7

<cfset bob = querynew("datelastmodified")>
<cfset temp = queryaddrow(bob )>
<cfset temp = querysetcell(bob, "datelastmodified", "Test OP") >

<cftable query="bob" colheaders>

 <cfcol header="<U> <b> Last Modified</u> </b>" WIDTH=30 


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