[thelist] XMLhttp request -> Post

Brian Cummiskey briancummiskey at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 08:31:00 CDT 2006

> Instead of  response.Write("no error"), try
> response.Write(objXMLHttp.responseText). View the source code when you

When i do that, I get the following returned:

<?xml version="1.0"?><AddressValidationResponse><Response><TransactionReference><CustomerContext>TC1000201</CustomerContext><XpciVersion>1.0002</XpciVersion></TransactionReference><ResponseStatusCode>0</ResponseStatusCode><ResponseStatusDescription>Failure</ResponseStatusDescription><Error><ErrorSeverity>Hard</ErrorSeverity><ErrorCode>10002</ErrorCode><ErrorDescription>The
XML document is well formed but the document is not

So, it looks like something is wrong with my xml file That I'm
posting.  That's easy enough and I guess it explains why I was getting
nothing back.

I'll post back if i'm still stuck later after I try to figure out
what's wrong with my xml file.

Thanks Chris,

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