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: >VPC is about as simple as it comes :-)
: Are you calling me stupid, Ken? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Where are you stuck at? The only tricky thing to grok with VPC is the
networking options (the help files aren't the most well written in this
respect). VMWare is pretty much the same (but it costs money, and the
networking options are also a bit tricky to master).

A VPC virtual machine consists of two files: (a) a VHD (virtual hard disk)
file that stores the VPC and (b) a VMC file that stores the configuration for
the machine (it's an XML file, if you open it in Notepad).

Create a new virtual machine using the wizard.

Start the Virtual Machine. Now you need to install an OS, so from the menu,
capture either your CD-ROM drive -or- capture an ISO image, and install your

After the OS is installed, install the VPC extensions (you'll be prompted to
do this), which allow virtualization of kernel mode, and greatly improves


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