[thelist] SEO vs Usability - order of title tag

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ndm.gov.on.ca
Mon Jul 24 07:34:37 CDT 2006

Just look at your own bookmarks to see how they are used. If the page
may be described as "North American Sales Offices" and you put the
company (or site) name before the description in the <title> tag and the
bookmark is cut off, you may not see the page description, just the
company name. How does that set it apart from any other bookmark from
the same site if the bookmark is cut off at the end of the name of the
company? Go to your favourite search engine and search for anything you
are interested in. Compare the page titles of the results and ask
yourself if it is easier to determine whether a page contains the
information you are looking for if the page title appears before the
site/company name or after the site/company name.

My personal opinion is that I would rather have the page description
part of the title first before the name of the site/company with the
exception of the home page.

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I can't find any other evidence of how the title tage may be used in
bookmarks, or robot assembled lists and hence it should start with the
company name, because users may find it difficult to find the link if it
is out of alphabetical order or doesn't start with the expected phrase.

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