[thelist] Counting downloads via hyperlink

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Jul 24 11:16:08 CDT 2006

Just create a middleman page in PHP that takes either the file name or an file ID (looks up in a DB the file name and location) adds the download info to a DB Table (Referer, File Name/Id, Time, Browser Type, IP etc.), then grabs the file from the server hard drive and feeds that to the browser. Or just does a redirect to the file, if you don't want to deal with HTTP headers.

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Subject: [thelist] Counting downloads via hyperlink

> Hi folks,
> I have a link to some PDFs people can download. I'd like to easily track how
> many times the document is actually downloaded. My web stats can show me
> page accesses but not idividual clicks. Does anyone know how I can
> accomplish this? This is a wordpress blog so PHP is available.

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