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Rob -

Thanks for your input, and the option outlined below.  I appreciate your


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In this site, a list of services each company provides will be labled by
level of expertise (let's call it rookie, modertate, expert).  

One of the cool things about building databases is the fact that you can
design it through using plain English. Obviously you have a one-to-many and
possibly a many-to-many relationship. Meaning, Company A may have a generic
service that Company B, might use. It wouldn't makes sense to create an
entirely new Service for company B, but share the two, whereas Company A
ONLY does a particular service that makes them unique to the industry.

Having bridging tables is good for a great deal amount of information.
For proper relational database management you're on the right track.
You could also get away with the following without using a bridging table. 

Table "company" (for all of the company information; obviously not all of
    - company_ID
    - company_Name
    - ...
Table "services" (for the list of the various services)
    - services_ID
    - company_ID  (as a FK)
    - services_Name
    - services_Description
Table "level" (for the 3-4 levels of expertise)
    - service_level_ID
    - services_ID (as a FK)
    - service_level_Name
    - service_level_Value (1, 2, 3, etc)

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