[thelist] Weird form error

FayeC ftarzwell at fayec.com
Thu Jul 27 08:36:25 CDT 2006

I have received a call from one of our clients who says she can't submit one of the order forms.
The form is a very simple one using Matt's Formmail to send.
I didn't create the form but I do maintenance and add/remove items from the order list.
The issue seems to be the email validation but I have gone through the entire form and haven't found any code mistake.
The weird part is that this seems to be an isolated problem. I was able to send the form just fine but on her computer she keeps getting this js popup requiring her to fill the email field.
The same form is repeated on 5 other pages and she says she can send all the others perfectly but with this one it keeps hanging on the email....
The only thing I noticed is that the email field name was "email" while the validation was looking for "Email". BUT it still doesn't explain how all the other forms work fine for her and this one doesn't since the fields naming was the same on all forms...

Can anybody shed a light on this?
Unfortunately the form is in an intranet and can't be accessed externally for your review.


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