[thelist] hover.htc for IE

iris thelist at jarmin.com
Fri Jul 28 04:22:42 CDT 2006

Justin Roggow wrote:
> I'm trying to implement CSS pop-out menus on my site.  I had a little
> trouble with my Apache configuration and getting the mime type set
> correctly.  I finally got that right according the my http headers, yet the
> pop-outs don't pop out in IE.  The relevant link is
> http://neonbrainiac.nu/menu.php.
> I'm running Apache 1.3 w/ MySQL 5 and PHP 5 on Slackware 10.0.  As I said,
> the headers report that csshover.htc is being received as mime type
> text/x-component in IE.  I've tested on Win2K(SP2) and WinXP(SP2) using IE
> 5.0 and IE 6.0 respectively.
> What am I missing?

i found out that putting the htc file in root and making the path to it 
absolute helped.  i'm not sure which one solved my problem but after i 
finally got it to work after weeks of headaches i didn't want to fiddle 
around with it anymore.  hope that helps.


omnia mea mecum porto


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