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Fri Jul 28 05:17:28 CDT 2006


I share administering a web site with another less technical
person. We have been able to work in parallel for several
months with no problem. Two weeks ago our hosting had a disk
crash. And then another. Now everything is apparently
restored back into place. Fine.

As I began to work on the site after the restore - the
restore had corrupted my symbolic links - I noted that I didn't
have any disk space remaining. And after cleaning out a lot of
old stuff, that I still didn't have any remaining. After a bit
of tricky investigation - not easy when you don't have shell
access and there's no room to upload anything - I determined
that the disk usage of one of the other guy's directories was
fluctuating wildly.

He told me that he uses a CMS called phpWebsite (Sourceforge)
to do his site. I took a look in the directory in question
and watched a number of core.99999 files build up and then
disappear. Seems odd to me. Now I have absolutely no interest
in whatever package he uses to do his stuff - I just want
some space to work with - and he is a simple user.

My questions:
   Is this normal for phpWebsite on a *nix hosting? If not,
   how could I fix it? (We have tried a reinstall using
   cpanel/fantastico.) Are these core.99999 files real *nix
   core files or do they have something to do with the core
   functionality of the package? Is there some sort of
   capping mechanism on the amount of disk it uses? How
   would I manipulate it?

I don't want to delve into the package, I just want to
know enough to limit it so I can continue getting our
site back up.

Thanks for any references/tips.


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