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<snip>Generally your entities will become tables. Where entities have a
M:N (Many:Many) relationship, you will need a "bridging" table. If you
do up your ER model first, your database schema (at least in 3rd normal
form) writes itself.</snip>

Yup. I agree that you disagree with me. You actually answered my next
post about the best way to rethink this approach:

   Deptarments      ---------------------
----------------    bid         int 4  PK          Products
dept_id int 4 PK => dept_id     int 4  FK    -------------------
...                 product_id  int 4  FK <= product_id int 4 PK 

Yes, the bad and the good news here is that you get to effectively
micromanage the relationships in order to have a many-to-many

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