[thelist] NS 4.7 compatibility?

Alastair Campbell ac at alastc.com
Fri Jul 28 11:02:10 CDT 2006

FayeC wrote:
> Is it a valid point to maintain the site compatible with NS 4.7? 

Do you have access to your web stats?  I haven't had a hit from NN 4.x 
for a while, but it is possible that some of your user base is on a 
(corporate or academic) network that only has NN4. Unlikely these days, 
but possible.

In fact, even if that were the case, I'd probably just go with a cut 
down (linked) style sheet for NN4, and @imported style sheets for the 
rest. They get a cut-down, simple (and very quick) experience compared 
to the table based equivalent.


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