[thelist] NS 4.7 compatibility?

Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Fri Jul 28 11:28:21 CDT 2006

FayeC wrote:

> Is it a valid point to maintain the site compatible with NS 4.7? 
> And if not what would be a VERY valid argument I could use to propose the change to a more current version?

- Compliance with current W3C web standards (banks should understand the 
word compliance... ;) )
- Better compliance with Section 508 accessibility standards
- Easier updating of website's look and feel by using style-sheets 
(should make the marketing department happy)
- Ability to add advanced capabilities to the site that aren't supported 
by older browsers, which will benefit their customers who might then 
increase their usage of the site rather than calling or using the bank's 
on-site tellers (which is more expensive for the bank).


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