[thelist] NS 4.7 compatibility?

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Fri Jul 28 12:03:30 CDT 2006

> From: Megan Holbrook 
> > Is it a valid point to maintain the site compatible with NS 4.7? 
> > And if not what would be a VERY valid argument I could use 
> - Compliance with current W3C web standards (banks should 
> understand the 
> word compliance... ;) )
> - Better compliance with Section 508 accessibility standards

This alone ought to be enough - there is already legal precedent[0] in the
US and for legal action against companies who willfully neglect
accessibility standards for the sake of absolute visual consistency.  To
quote Cynthia Waddell's article[1]: "Is Your Site ADA-Compliant ...
or a Lawsuit-in-Waiting?"

> - Ability to add advanced capabilities to the site that 
> aren't supported 
> by older browsers, which will benefit their customers who might then 
> increase their usage of the site rather than calling or using 
> the bank's 
> on-site tellers (which is more expensive for the bank).

Another great point.  Why sacrifice 99%+ users' experience for the benefit
of that one guy in his basement who insists on continuing to use a
nonsecure, unsupported browser to access banking sites?

As others have said, look at your site stats.  You are likely to find all
Netscape at <.5%, with NS4 being a tiny percentage of that.  Do companies
design their parking lots to accommodate horses anymore?  When did studios
stop filming TV shows with black & white TV sets in mind?

[0] http://url123.com/a7q46
[1] http://url123.com/asxyh

Max Schwanekamp

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