[thelist] NS 4.7 compatibility?

FayeC ftarzwell at fayec.com
Fri Jul 28 14:22:14 CDT 2006

That is exactly our current situation.
I have been digging some details on why we are still using NS 4.7x as the default for web design and development. It seems that some departments here still only have access to NS 4.7 and some need access to the external site as well as the intranet.
So chances are the cause is purely monetary as they would have to find the budget to update *all* computers to a more current browser and that would take a lot of tech support hours.
So I think I have reached the end of the rope here...
Thank you all who gave me useful information and ideas for when the time comes to push for a big change.


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> >> From all the corporate banks in the top 10 list (N. America, Europe, Asia)
> >> only 3 - that's counting us - are NS 4.7 compatible.
> Let me simply relate a frightening experience I had recently. Although I
> typically avoid my bank branch officers, I had to sit down with one to
> handle a paperwork issue. He had to use the computer to call up a PDF copy
> of a form from the bank's server (this is one of the largest banks in the
> U.S., mind you, that constantly advertises its online banking services and
> technological prowess). I watched him fire up the PC, only to see him using
> Netscape 4. Mouth agape, I asked why he was using that browser. It was
> because that was the standard still being used on all PCs in the bank.
> The server logs for that bank must tell a different story from those
> elsewhere in this thread.
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