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: If a bank cannot keep up with current technology and standards with respect
: to the web, what other areas of computer technology are they also lagging
: behind?  In this day and age of identity theft and laptops going missing
: (even with big banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America), why should I
: trust this bank to protect me?
: If I were a customer of this bank and had knowledge of this thread, I would
: be raising hell with bank management right now and seriously considering
: taking my business elsewhere.

Hi Dennis,

I worked on a platform refresh project for a major bank here in Australia for
about 10 months last year. The project will involve replacing 32,000 client
machines, and installing 1200 new physical infrastructure servers (and about
another 1000 virtualised servers). The whole project will take over two years
from initial high-level design through to final deployment, and for the
period I was working on it, the project was spending well over one million
dollars a week. I worked on parts of the high level and detailed Active
Directory design (amongst other things).

Platform refreshes within large organizations involve a huge amount of work,
and take a long time, and thus aren't done very often. Is the bank
continually being compromised security-wise? I would hope not (and I don't
believe they have been). Security isn't just about technology - security is
people, process and products.


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