[thelist] tags philosophy

Bernardo Escalona-Espinosa escalonab at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 16:12:35 CDT 2006

From: Alastair Campbell:
>This requires a service to make use of the tags you put on
> the site, the only one I know of at the moment is Technorati(.com).

Hmm I'm not sure you understood my question or if I understood your anwser.

I want to implement tags on my site. With my own system, to search and
connect between my own posts. From a code point of view i know how to
implement it without help of external sites (not even sure what this
technorati does). Some PHP here and some MySQL there. I was asking
more from a functionality point of view.

Mostly, i want to make sure i make the right decision early on with
respect to the "space-separated single-word tags" way versus the
"comma-separated multi-word tags" alternative.


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