[thelist] [!! SPAM] Re: Background color not showing in IE

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Aug 28 13:19:05 CDT 2006

Minh Lee Goon wrote:
> I'm glad it displays well in IE6. I should've mentioned that I was 
> testing in IE7, so maybe this is not a big deal until IE7 is out of beta?

I suspect (not tested) it's because you're using the clearfix code - the 
* html hack doesn't work in IE7 - IE7 is seeing the height 1% as a 
literal height and not expanding the div to suit the content. (they 
fixed a lot and broke some hacks in the process)

try using conditional comments to deliver the height: 1% to IE 5 and 6 
variants and override it with a conditional comment CSS of height auto 
for IE 7

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