[thelist] [!! SPAM] Re: Background color not showing in IE

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Mon Aug 28 14:39:37 CDT 2006

Minh Lee Goon wrote:
> I tried removing the hack completely, but that didn't make a 
> difference in IE7. It also made the page render the same in FF as it 
> does in IE7, that is, the background color and borders don't display.

Leave the '.ClearFix:after' and '* html .ClearFix' solutions in place,
and add...
.clearfix {min-height:1px;}
...as a 'hasLayout'[1] trigger for IE7. Should make IE7 render the
element and its background the same as IE6.

* html .ClearFix {height : 1%;}
.ClearFix {height : 1%;}
...should also work in most cases.



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