[thelist] external CSS style application in JSP and Firefox

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 23:02:50 CDT 2006

I'm working with some folks that serve their site on Linux using JSP
pages.  Whenever I create a new page and link a new CSS sheet to it,
the strangest thing happens: the style doesn't take hold in Firefox at
all, but it does in IE.  The <link> tag shows up in the source in
Firefox, and Firefox's Web Developer extension displays all the right
CSS data with it's "View CSS" function.  It just won't apply the

Both the CSS style and the HTML within the JSP page are valid.  I've
tried both <style> and @imbed methods.  When I embed the CSS info in a
style tag directly in the head of the document, the style is applied.

It makes me wonder whether the error is related to a MIME type setting
on the server, except for two things:
- the server admin swears that the MIME type for CSS has been set
properly (how would you go about verifying this?)
- if it were a server MIME setting, why would IE be able to interpret
the style, while Firefox wouldn't?

The only other factor I can think of is that the pages use JSP format.
 When I remove the JSP head calls and save a file as HTML, the style
is applied (albeit, obviously, all the JSP functionality on the page
is lost).

So it's _got_ to be a JSP issue... right?  Maybe a Tomcat server
setting?  Is there a non-conventional way in which JSP pages call out
for CSS styles?


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