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Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Tue Aug 29 17:31:13 CDT 2006

I tend to be, at most, semi-formal with communications with my clients. 
My general method is to send back and forth either emails or Word docs 
(or PDFs) with TODO lists, status lists, Functional Specifications and 
Proposals and whatnot.

I have just recently joined the rest of the modern world and, for one 
large project I am heading, we installed MediaWiki and put our docs 
there and we are all quite happy with this--the editing and the single 
location etc. is FAR better than shooting around that old MS Word doc 
(or 3).

I also just now put my personal TODO list for that project up there.

I am now considering using such a system with my other clients and I 
wanted to ask if people have any suggestions/feedback. MediaWiki is 
really the only one I know, aside from Trac a bit, but Trac requires 
server access so is not an option for me presently. Anyhow, MediaWiki 
seems like a fine wiki, one nice 'feature' is that there exists an MS 
Word macro to convert Word files into MediaWiki format--it works, too. :)

The downside is that there is no WYSIWYG editing and the formatting of 
text will be virtually impossible for a non-technical person to grasp. 
It would of course be possible to have clients simply email me changes 
to make and I and my team members be the only editors, but I am 
wondering if a wiki that my lay-clients could also edit would be better.

Of course there is also an advantage if they WON'T be editing, too--I am 
aware of that. :)


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