[thelist] XSL position()=last() adding ID to div

Greg user at example.net
Tue Aug 29 19:10:59 CDT 2006

> Not sure I follow what you mean when you say that you "browse the xml file."
> If you're running the XSL snippet only when transforming to HTML, why
> would anything be in the XML file?
> On 8/28/06, Greg <user at example.net> wrote:
>> > I'm testing for the last element, then adding ID to that last div.
>> >
>> > If I transform the xml to html file all is well.
>> >
>> > But if I browse the xml file, that last id is missing from the
>> > interpreted file.
>> > Frustrating to a newbie, any clues?
>> >
>> > (Oh, I'm using XmlSpy)
>> >
Rather than transform the xml to static html, I intended (perhaps 
naively) to view all the data pages 'live', by including a ref to the 
xslt stylesheet in the xml files, then use FF to view the site 
documents. (The site was not originally intended for general external 
use - more for a SIG user to download)

Noticed that my last wrap wasn't working. Viewed the generated source 
(in FF) and 'surprise' the modified div wasn't modified!, so I generated 
a static version - using the same stylesheet - and the modified div 
appears as expected. ??


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