[thelist] Web page does not display properly in Firefox and Opera

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Thu Aug 31 03:41:00 CDT 2006


I am having trouble displaying my web page in Opera and Mozilla Firefox. It
displays OK in IE6. The code has been validated, but the css comes up with
warnings when I try to validate it. I have found the answer to the
warnings - it's because I specified a background colour but not a foreground
colour.  However, I don't think that is my problem.

The problem is that my note saying "This page displays best in 1024x768
resolution", displays just above the logo in Firefox and doesn't
display at all in Opera (Version 8.5), but displays correctly in IE6.  The
message is printed below the logo which is where I want it.

Also I have noticed that my page
www.game-on.co.nz/pages/alexbasketball/alexbasketball.php doesn't display
well with higher resolutions than 1024X768.  I hadn't noticed this because
my machine uses only 1024x768.  I think it is tied up with using absolute
positioning in CSS, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.  My understanding
is that absolute positioning means positioning with respect to the parent
element.  In my case the parent is "body", and I assume its position is
0px,0px i.e. top right hand corner of display.

Can anyone see what my problem is.  I have posted this one another forum,
but have only met with limited success.

The url is www.game-on.co.nz.

The css is:
body {
background-color : #d7d7d7;
div#logo {
position : fixed;
top : 20px;
background : #d7d7d7;
width : 950px;
height : 100px;
div#logo {
background-position : top center;
div#content {
position : relative;
left : 100px;
top : 250px;
div#openingstatement {
position : relative;
left : 100px;
top : 30px;
color : black;

Interestingly when I try to validate the css using the url, it validates ok.

Thanks. I am a bit of a beginner so I might have misunderstood something.


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