[thelist] Web page does not display properly in Firefox and Opera

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Thu Aug 31 04:04:31 CDT 2006

Santilal Parbhu wrote:
> www.game-on.co.nz.

> The problem is that my note saying "This page displays best in 
> 1024x768 resolution", displays just above the logo in Firefox
>  and doesn't display at all in Opera (Version 8.5), but displays 
> correctly in IE6.  The message is printed below the logo which is 
> where I want it.


div#logo {
position : fixed;


div#logo {
position : static;

...or simply delete that positioning-line. That'll fix _that_ problem.

IE6 doesn't understand 'position: fixed', but Firefox and Opera do and
are just obeying your command.

> Also I have noticed that my page 
> www.game-on.co.nz/pages/alexbasketball/alexbasketball.php doesn't 
> display well with higher resolutions than 1024X768.

It is a fixed-width page that's aligning to the left side, so if the
window is wider than the page, it'll be more and more empty space on the
right side.

> My understanding is that absolute positioning means positioning with 
> respect to the parent element.  In my case the parent is "body", and 
> I assume its position is 0px,0px i.e. top right hand corner of 
> display.

Absolute positioning is relative to body - unless there is another
parent-element that have 'position: relative' declared on it.

{position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;}

...is top, left, relative to parent (as described above).

{position: absolute;
top: 0;
right: 0;}

...is top, right, relative to parent.


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