[thelist] PHP HTTP Fetch and IE VBScript

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Thu Aug 31 15:45:47 CDT 2006

>> Of course one could hard code that, but that has its own drawbacks. :)
> Such as?   <sarcasm>Actually succeeding in what you're trying to
> do?</sarcasm>

That's one reason. Failure does have its place you know. :)

But aside from that, I really don't know yet if what I described is even 
vaguely close to the actual situation and even if it is close enough, 
the drawback is that this solution will only work as long as bacons.com 
does not change their code. The minute they do, then my code fails.

I was writing initially in the hopes that someone had come across a 
situation similar to this and had a pointer to a possible solution. 
Looks like not and so I will have to examine the details of this 
particular task and then determine what will be the best solution, 
including possibly a hard coded one--even if it breaks after a month it 
would be worth it for the man-hours it will save not having to do the 
downloads by hand as they presently are done. :)

It was, anyway, certainly valuable for me, at least, to read the 
responses to my post (including the last one). It provided me with a 
more clear understanding of this situation.


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