[thelist] Project Management Software?

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Thu Aug 31 23:27:25 CDT 2006

I work on a project that may fit the bill, although it is ASP and ASP. NET.
If you want, email me off list and I can get you set up with a free trial. 

Robert Vreeland
Managing Partner 
vreeland at studioframework.com 
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Wondering if anyone can recommend a software package that can be used


Project Management (with gant charts)

Content Management

Work Flow

Document Management

Help Desk


We're not looking for a free/open source option, but we also don't want to
pay thousands.  We would prefer something web based which we can install
in-house (not an ASP type solution.)  Anyone using something like this, or
know of a good one?






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