[thelist] web architecture work proposal

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 07:47:36 CDT 2006

I was wondering whether anyone has had input to the web architecture
for a large organization, from inception to implementation, including
hardware, platform, etc.?  I had asked about a CMS a while back, but
it looks like that would be just part of what's needed.  The current
setup has four Apache servers on four geographically-separated sites,
all going through one proxy.  They're also using TWiki to publish
collaborated material, and a chaotic mess of HTML schemes to present
other pages and dynamic data.  My initial thought was to go with a
Zope/Plone solution, and I still may, but security is the key concern;
I'm thinking about GridSite (www.gridsite.org), which has its own
implementation of MediaWiki (GridSiteWiki), but I really don't know
much about these.  Any information about your current bottom-to-top
implementations would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also wondering whether someone has done a "proposal for
work"/"work proposal" for this sort of project?  What did you address
there, what kind of timeline was given, and is there a template or
general format for this sort of thing?  They don't seem in abundance
on the 'Net, unless they're called by a different name.

Thank you,

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