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Matthew Bernhardt bernhardt.7 at osu.edu
Wed Sep 6 09:54:49 CDT 2006

Hey all,

On Tue, 05 Sep 2006 19:46:25 -0400, Paul Bennett  
<Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz> wrote:

> 1. What would theListers recommend in addition to these browsers? I'm a  
> little uncomfortable just using the latest browsers on the latest  
> Windows OS (and one old IE browser) and thinking that the site 'must  
> work for everyone'.

The strategy I've started to employ is to parse the traffic logs from our  
site to see what our users are coming to us with. Any browser with more  
than 1% of the market gets added to our test suite, as well as the extreme  
case (IE5, Lynx, etc). The traffic logs also keep me up to date on the OS  
market, although I currently only have XP test boxes. Perhaps this is  
something I should reconsider, now that you mention Win98.

> Unfortunately our testing would have to be internal (eg no 'site check  
> please'), as my boss would can me if she found out I was letting coders  
> the world over poke around in the site before things were officially  
> 'live'.

Does this include the various web sites that offer screenshots in an array  
of different browser/OS combos (sorry, I forget any examples but I know  
links have been posted in the past)

Hope this helps,

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