[thelist] The future of evolt

Alan Lloyd alan at www-ss.com
Fri Sep 8 11:00:32 CDT 2006

Hello evolters

We are currently having a discussion over on theforum (another evolt
mailing list dedicated to the running of evolt.org) about the future
direction of evolt.

If you would like to take part in this discussion please come and join
us. If you would like to see evolt.org doing something a bit different
let us know.

We are looking for people with ideas. People who would like to help make
evolt special (I think it already is but...)

So if you would like to help out or have a great idea head over to
evolt.org and sign up to 'theforum'.

As this post is *off topic* for thelist please do not reply. Just come
and join us in theforum.


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Tel: 01803 898 009

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