[thelist] correct use of alt and title attributes

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Mon Sep 18 11:48:33 CDT 2006

> I am looking for a summary that describes the correct use of alt and 
> title in relation to standards, accessibility and search engine 
> optimization.

Another option (in some situations) is the long description and the [D] 
link - both not widely supported, but then again, title is not very well 
supported consistently either.

      ALT, Long Description, D-Link:


 - -


      Creating Accessible Images:

 - - **


      Long Description example from W3c:

Show a good example of what you can/should include in a description.
 - -

I am not certain of the extensiveness of agent support, but it's 
something to think about.  I like the [D] link option - this could 
replace the "offleft" (negative margin to hide, etc.) option.

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