[thelist] Update styles based on date with PHP?

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Mon Sep 18 14:11:57 CDT 2006

> I assume that the calendar items are being generated by PHP too, right?
> Assuming straight PHP + HTML, where each row is coming from, say an array of
> "event" objects, then you would just need to modify your php to compare the
> dates and add the class.  I'd put it on the <tr> so you can style all the
> children <td>'s if need be.
> <?php 
> foreach($events as $event) {
> ?>
> <tr<?php echo(strtotime($event->date) < time() ? 'class="past"' : ''); ?>>
> 	...
> </tr>
> <?php	
> }
> ?>

No, no database, but that would be ideal - I am just good enough with 
PHP (yet) to set up a db for such a thing.

I am familiar with using MySQLFront to add/edit data tables and fields, 
but that is about the extent of my db skills.  I'm on Chapter 6 of SAMS 
teach yourself Apache, MySQL and PHP in 24 hrs.  I do not know the 
syntax required to pull info out of the database.

I know there ways to insert the current date with some simple PHP, so I 
was thinking there might be a way to compare today's date to the one for 
the events in the table.  All I have at this point is a plain-old static 
HTML table.

I could set up a table for Events with fields for date, location, 
website, visible, etc.  Perhaps a good basic setting up a database 
tutorial would be good for me.  Most of what I find on php.net and/or 
Zend, etc. assumes I already know what they are talking about - most of 
it is hard to follow for a beginner programmer.  I am currently looking 
at this little tutorial on Zend: http://www.zend.com/zend/art/intro.php

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