[thelist] Reading a PDF file with PHP?

Brian Cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Mon Sep 18 16:49:44 CDT 2006

John Dowdell wrote:
> I'm guessing you might be wanting to extract and manipulate data from 
> parts of a PDF file, but we readers can't tell whether you're limiting 
> yourself to simple brochureware documents, documents with simple forms, 
> documents with forms that have transferrable data, documents with a 
> server component, documents without reading permissions, etc. Hard to 
> point to useful resources in such a situation.
Indeed.  I think the OP is going to have to use one of the pdf2ascii 
conversion scripts/softwares to read the document.  I think that's what 
he's after here, but more info would help narrow this down some.

These might help:
commercial:  http://www.activepdf.com/

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