[thelist] Site search options

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Tue Sep 19 07:32:30 CDT 2006

Just wanted to throw this SIMPLE, LIGHT WEIGHT, search solution out for 
everyone who might find this discussion later on - Gr0w Search.

"A beautifully simple and powerful site search and site map plug-in: 
Built with accessibility, web standards and flexibility for designers or 
developers firmly in mind."

Out of the box, it is dead simple to install, set up (though I did have 
a bit of trouble a few months back - when I had absolute zero PHP 
knowledge) thanks to nicely commented PHP files, and results can be 
easily customized with CSS - results are a simple <ul>.

Another brilliant feature is that the Search code also produces a 
simple, dynamic Sitemap.

It has it's limitations - but I suspect it can be highly tailored and 
more powerful if you know a lot about PHP.

Current cost is £1 - which was around $1.40 when I picked it up.

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