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Hi John,

Part of my job is to skin Plone sites. I also help run www.linux.co.uk (I know the HTML isn't valid. Work is really manic, and my boss didn't rate that as a priority - that site is not a customers.)

Plone is brilliantly simple for the user... it's a bit more complex for the admin. It helps if you have someone who knows their way around the system to give you a hand with configs and the like, although there is plenty of documentation, so it isn't too hard to work out. Also, plone is based on Python, so if you want scripts to integrate with the site (have the sites menu and side-bars), they have to be written in python, with a mix of tal, unless you cheat and use an iframe to a .php/.asp/.* file.
You can do plenty in tal though itself!

A benefit of Plone is that you can add on modules - for example the rss readers that Linux.co.uk is using, and the forum, and some of the (admin side) caching features are all available to download and install for free from plone.org.

I'm just begining to be trained in web design/development & plone, but from what I've seen, and coded, so far, its the best I've found. I've tried to use the latest version of mambo (user & admin) and got myself really confused - it just didn't seem logical to me. Could just be me of course... or the fact that an early version of mambo is the base of the interface in this (nastily coded) system (http://obsidianfleet.net/ifs/ which I helped configure and run: http://ifs.deltafleet.co.uk)

HTH / Hope thats Interesting...


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It's me again, with more questions about CMS systems!

Has anyone had experience with any of these offerings, as either an
admin or user:
- Plone
- Mambo
- WebGUI
- Lenya (Apache)

I'm looking to implement on a Linux system, most likely with Apache's
web server.

If anyone else is looking, I found a great resource for feature comparisons:
... but some of the product feature list entries seem a bit outdated.


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