[thelist] Touch Screen Website...

Julian Voelcker asp at tvw.net
Fri Sep 22 03:00:10 CDT 2006

Hi Justin,

> I was wondering if anyone had any resources or tips about designing and 
> implementing a touch screen driven navigation...???

A touch screen is just a screen with an overlay that mimics a mouse so you 
can slide your finger across the screen and move the mouse pointer as well 
as press links, double click etc.

Just make sure that all the links you have a large enough with enough gap 
between them to make them easy to press on the screen - find out what 
resolution the display terminals are going to be running.

It is also worth ensuring that the site appears in a full screen window 
without any furniture (menus, tool bars, etc) and that there are no 
external links so that the user can't browse off to any irrelevant sites 
(if on line).

Also, assuming the kiosks don't have any web access the site will need to 
be totally self contained and able to run from a cd or hard disk (so no 
server side functionality).

Julian Voelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom

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