[thelist] updating skillset (long rambling request for advice, vague or specific)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 22 19:10:06 CDT 2006

> Hmm, normally I'd say congratulations are in order!  But by 
> your choice 
> of words I guess self-employment isn't such a welcome state 
> of affairs for ya.

It *is* welcome - just not planned. Had I planned it, I woulda had this
all lined up already. Just don't want anyone feeling sorry for me (I
could see you all getting teary-eyed) when I'm actually being
drop-kicked into my favorite condition. It's a little like having my
wife pick me up at the office, and although I was planning on getting a
lot of work done when I got home, she wants to take me to the pub for a
pint. No, I guess it's not like that at all. Never mind.

> > ...what skills
> At the risk of being buzz-wordy, one word: AJAX.

it's a good word, despite your hysterical rant, for which I also thank
you ;)

good stuff, David; thanks

so, would boning up on the YUI Chris sent recently be a good start,
instead of reinventing the wheel, or do it from scratch to grok it


oh; if you don't like eXtensible with an 'X', lemme tell you about the
time at my current job when I was supposed to find stuff in the
transmissions folder. That's how they said it, 'transmissions.'

You know, \\servername\sharename\Xmissions\

'Xmissions' ? I ask you.

If I ever find one of *my* employees abbreviating something with a
DIFFERENT FIRST LETTER in order to save typing FOUR characters, I'll
mock them publicly. or change it without telling them.

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