[thelist] asp.net - exporting sql results with query/comments

cj distro.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 08:31:52 CDT 2006

hi ken, thanks for helping!  i believe everyone around the office has
sql 2005 on their personal machines.  i don't believe the support guys
will be supplying parameters unless they like the page so much that it
warrants a little more development from me.

i'm definitely leaning towards a web interface if possible though.  i
showed what i have to one of the gals over there on friday and she
said it looked very user friendly so far and that she liked it better
than the windows application they have available (which she never

---- a little about the web page.  not necessary to read. ----
what i currently have is a drop down list that lists the databases on
their support sql server.  the queries they have can be run on all the
test databases on that server, so i just list out the queries
available.  they can choose a query from the list and click either a
"run" or "export" button.  "run" will put the results on the page, and
"export" will export the results (whether "run" is clicked or not) to
a csv file.  i have a collapsable area that holds the contents of the
sql file, which includes comments and the sql query.  pretty simple,
but it went over very well.
----    ----

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