[thelist] updating skillset (long rambling request for advice, vague or specific)

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Mon Sep 25 09:12:47 CDT 2006

> So far I'm up to AEMLHTPREML.

If I wasn't mistaken Dave, I'd say this is cause for a celebration.
You've officially given a name to the new "drug" out there we web
weenies call AJAX. Take two in the morning for an especially energetic
day. *sniff* I just received my first Internet trade magazine with my
job title as "Web Weenie". I hung it up on my wall of shame.

AJAX is the hot thing out right now for your skill set. In fact, I used
Atlas last week to finish off my web app. It's ludicrously simple; I'll
send you some code if you need it... ASP.NET 2.0/AJAX. SQL Server 2005
has some neat new features. IIS 7 will come out with Longhorn.
SharePoint 2007 is currently in Beta 2, but you being an Intranet Guru,
probably already knew that. As of last Friday, "SharePoint 2007 will be
released 2nd half of 2006" is the best that M$ has to offer. That's an
idea. Become an Intranet Consultant. Anyway, Dave hit some other
technologies that are in the now. CRM 3.0 is pretty sweet. 

With that bucket full of bits, Salute,

Rob Smith
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