[thelist] sql injection problem

Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
Mon Sep 25 11:16:49 CDT 2006



> I'm using the following ASP replacements before the ncat var 
> is passed into the inline query:
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "'", "''" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, """", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, ")", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "(", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, ";", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "-", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "|", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "<", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, ">", "" )
>         ncat = replace( ncat, "script", "" )

I don't know offhand what you're missing, but one thing immediately
springs to mind in terms of security. You appear to be cleaning your
data, before adding it to your query and then executing it. Since you're
removing all of the offending characters and strings rather than
encoding them, it's clear that they are not valid input.

If you receive invalid input, why are you then processing it instead of
ceasing all processing and informing the user that they have entered
invalid input? If someone's trying to hack your system, they're trying
to hack your system. Although I don't really like real world
comparisons, please forgive the following: If there's a burglar at my
front door, I would feel safer not letting him in at all rather than
giving him a quick pat-down for illegal weapons then letting him in.

In addition, you are specifying all of the characters and strings that
you *don't* allow. If this list changes because somebody finds another
system vulnerability, you will have to a) be aware of it, and b) go back
to your code to make further changes. I would personally URL-decode the
input value, then check that it contained only alpha/numeric characters
and spaces (or whatever your criteria are). If any further system
vulnerabilities are discovered, you're unlikely to be compromised.



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