[thelist] font inconsistencies in different image apps

Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at multigraphics.biz
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That's an interesting problem you have there. I'll have to check it out

I've always use Photoshop myself. I started using it many, many years ago
because it was the industry standard. As far as I can see it still is the
standard app for graphics. But thinking long-term, as Adobe get bigger and
more 'powerful' on the market, other apps would become more popular - like

At this time though, in my opinion, Adobe still leads the market on graphics
and I'm talking about Photoshop, Illustrator and now Fireworks and Freehand
(they do now belong to Adobe right?).

How do you get around the problem? Can you try a stroke on the lighter font
to make it appear bold? I guess it depends on the size of the text. If
you're using the font on a large pt (like 18+) then you could use a stroke.

Stroke on the inside to lightened the font, and on the outside to make it

Just a quick note though: I'm still using Photoshop CS but apparently CS2
has better font capabilities.


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This is not a hot problem know, but more of a standards/expectations 

I had to download a couple fonts, Harrington and Brush Script, for a 
site.  When I use them in either Photoshop or GIMP, they are similar. 
This is fine. Neither have a bold weight option.  Harrington was 
naturally frail, and Brush Script slightly heavy.

The client I was doing the job for was getting a really different look 
with the fonts, but using different apps.  He might have been playing 
with microsoft paint and i believe corel paint shop pro.  The images he 
sent me with Harrington were on the bold side and brush script on the 
slim side.

Just to see for myself, I downloaded the trial version of PSP - and it 
certainly has different options for font weight.  (stroke width). 

Q1: Which is the accepted (industry standard) application to use for text? 
Q2: How do you handle a problem like this?  Do you owe it to the client 
to be able to deliver a specification even if he/she is using a tool 
that might not be using a generally accepted tool?  Like I say, with the 
trial version of PSP I am over the hump.
Q3: Is there something (not obvious) in either GIMP or PhotoShop that my 
bleary eyes might have repeatedly missed? 



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