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Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 18:54:38 CDT 2006


Active Directory can not be installed on a Windows XP workstation
machine, only on Windows Server (non-web edition).

However you can install ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) on
Windows XP Pro:


ADAM is not a 1:1 representation of a full AD however. For learning
purposes the differences (i.e. the missing bits) are probably not
important. For testing an actual production application, you'll want a
real AD implemented.

If you don't have a Windows Server handy, simply download and install
Virtual PC (since that's free) and get the 120-day trial edition of
Windows Server. That will get you an AD you can use inside a VPC.
When/if Windows Server expires, just setup another VPC and you're good
to go again.


On 9/27/06, Arthur Maloney <ArthurM at seipas.com> wrote:
> Hello thelist,
>  I'd like to do some Learning with C# v2.0 System.DirectoryServices Namespace
>  Put simple - learn the basics of querying Active Directory
>  Is it possible, and does anybody know how to install Active Directory
>  itself on Windows Pro Xp SP 2 (my main work horse - a laptop).
>  It is for basic learning only.
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> Best regards,
>  Arthur                          mailto:ArthurM at seipas.com
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