[thelist] Z-index and flash

Portman mrport at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 1 08:33:12 CDT 2006

Hi Bill,

I looked at the site in IE and the first drop down was below the Flash 
but when I moused over it a second time it was on top. Don't know what 
that means. It might be an idea to whoever will be building the site (if 
they want to keep the Flash) is to expand the Flash and put the menu in 
the Flash file to solve this problem.


Bill Moseley wrote:
> This is a new design for a school[1]:
>     http://parkdayschool.schoolwires.com/parkdayschool/site/default.asp
> I can't make much sense of the markup, but the one main issue I have
> is with the drop down menus on the top bar.  The drop-down menus on my
> machine (linux/Firefox 1.5) are hidden by (below) the flash.
> Do others see the same thing?  Is there anything special required to
> set the z-index for Flash?  I remember in the past having some trouble
> getting z-index to work with flash across different browsers.
> Those rotating images in the flash file is something like 350K bytes --
> seems like a large download just to display a few images.  Are there
> any Javascript dissolves that would be a better choice?
> Site doesn't work in lynx, that's for sure.  Not accessible at all.
> I have plenty of other issues with the site, starting with validation
> and broken css.  But that's another issue.
> [1] No, I am *not* involved in building this site, but I will advise
> those that are paying for it.  ;)

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