[thelist] Z-index and flash

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 12:30:13 CDT 2006

>Do others see the same thing?  Is there anything special required to
>set the z-index for Flash?  I remember in the past having some trouble
>getting z-index to work with flash across different browsers.

FF on W2K displays it without problem.

As per the rotating images issue;
You can create a slideshow (I prefer AJAX but Flash is also applicable)
which preloads a low-resolution image first and a high resolution one
afterwards. This will create an illusion that users wait less for the image
to load (in fact they are waiting more for the entire slideshow to complete
because of the extra low-res images). This will be at a cost of some
additional bandwidth; but if the site is not a high-traffic one (I guess it
is not) some extra bytes going through the pipe are okay.

In addition, you can optimize your images for web with your favorite image
editor so that they consume less bandwidth.

Using AJAX (or DHTML or JavaScript whichever way you name it :) ) will also
eliminate the bleed-through issue of the flash (if any)

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