[thelist] Z-index and flash

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Sun Oct 1 13:24:47 CDT 2006

Flash content displays on top of all DHTML layers

How to make a Flash movie with a transparent background

Bill Moseley wrote:
> This is a new design for a school[1]:
>     http://parkdayschool.schoolwires.com/parkdayschool/site/default.asp
> I can't make much sense of the markup, but the one main issue I have
> is with the drop down menus on the top bar.  The drop-down menus on my
> machine (linux/Firefox 1.5) are hidden by (below) the flash.
> Do others see the same thing?  Is there anything special required to
> set the z-index for Flash?  I remember in the past having some trouble
> getting z-index to work with flash across different browsers.

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