[thelist] Z-index and flash

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Mon Oct 2 13:29:49 CDT 2006

Bill Moseley wrote:
> Do others see the same thing?  Is there anything special required to
> set the z-index for Flash?  I remember in the past having some trouble
> getting z-index to work with flash across different browsers.

Anthony had the links, and the catchphrase is "The answer is WMODE".

DHTML-enhanced browsers can composite and layer the content they render. 
They usually let browser extensions (plugins & controls) handle their 
own rendering, directly-to-screen, for speed. More and more browsers 
have added a switch so that an extension can instead pipe their output 
into the browser's compositing buffer, and many extensions have been 
written to tap into that ability. The way this piping is triggered is 
via the WMODE argument in the OBJECT & EMBED tags.

With the Adobe Flash Player, this handles both layering and 
background-transparent compositing, so that you can overlay 
non-rectangular visuals atop the HTML body.

I see in the source to the parkdayschool.com that the OBJECT tag has a 
WMODE value of "window", and the EMBED tag has a value of "opaque", so 
different browsers might end up displaying differently here.


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