[thelist] Redirect to correct SSL Host on Apache

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Oct 2 13:56:01 CDT 2006

Ken Schaefer wrote:
>> So my question is, how can I redirect 
>> clients to the
>> correct host without triggering a security warning in their browser?
>> This Apache 1.3.  I have access to both .htaccess and 
> httpd.conf.  TIA!
> Since the SSL handshake occurs before anything happens HTTP 
> wise, I'm not sure there is anything you can do except:
> a) get a wildcard cert that matches both example.com and 
> www.example.com
> b) setup two hosts (www.example.com and example.com), and get 
> two certificates. Redirect from one to the other

Thanks Ken.  Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, but I wasn't sure if it
was possible to have Apache somehow respond to the initial request pre-SSL
handshake.  Guess that doesn't really make sense! :(

The trick is, this server is admin'ed with cPanel, and we're trying to stay
within its parameters.  cPanel seems to make the assumption that any given
domain will have at most 1 SSL host.  Anyone have any experience installing
multiple SSL hosts for the same domain via cPanel WHM?  (might be question
better posed to cPanel forums, but it's worth a try).  

Max Schwanekamp

> But not being an Apache expert, my advice could be off-base. 
> Maybe there is some way of doing this that I don't know about.
> Cheers
> Ken
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