[thelist] JavaScript loading of <object> tag

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Mon Oct 2 15:46:50 CDT 2006

Julian Rickards wrote:
> When I insert a flash object, DW precedes the <object> tag with a <script>
> tag that appears to load the flash object, judging from the parameters in
> the code and then surrounds the <object> tag with the <noscript> element.
> Is this code the result of the EOLAS patent or does it have another purpose?

People have written their extension tags dynamically for a number of 
different reasons over the years:

--  advertisers have wanted to abstract their instructions from the page 
--  web-standards advocates have wanted to obey the letter of the spec, 
while still being functional within the spirit of today's browsers;
--  Microsoft changed functionality recently, after a legal challenge, 
so that OBJECT, EMBED and APPLET tags did not automatically work in a page.

A recent change to Dreamweaver changed the extension-embedding tagging, 
so that viewers in Microsoft browsers would not see that little "click 
to activate" advice on rollovers.


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