[thelist] /php db query/call problem

robert strange robertpstrange at msn.com
Tue Oct 3 00:57:05 CDT 2006

Here is one for the php gurus,

call two tables from a php script, ( on a server), and execute a client 
sided exe with those 5 parameters,

background is a gaming site

table one is a a user's table

table two is the game ports and defintions table and ip

any responses can be emailed to robertpstrange at msn.com

and thanks

and yes

this is strange_writer and i have contributed to alot of people on this 
forum that needed help

this is my turn to ask

i was gunna do it in java, but java, number one is public, and number two, 
cant connect to the mysql db

5 fields are these
look up the RoomXXin the database by searching on the “Room_XX” column, and 
from that obtain the “Room_IpXXX” and “Room_PortXXX” variables.
Then, using the player’s login information, it looks in the “Users” table to 
obtain the “username”, “user_id” and “user_password” variables.
Then, it invokes the client (whose program name will be XXX.exe) with the 
following parameters:
XXX.exe username,user_password,user_id,Room_IpAddy,RoomPort


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