[thelist] Stand alone IE 7 testing tips, cautions or adivce?

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Tue Oct 3 21:36:01 CDT 2006

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: Subject: [thelist] Stand alone IE 7 testing tips, cautions or adivce?
: If you have installed IE 7 as a stand alone browser; have you had any
: trouble?  Does IE 6 still function properly?  I am looking for any tips
: or advice.  I need to start testing with IE 7, but still keep IE 6 for
: testing for the next ten years, etc.
: Do you have any tips or cautions for/against doing a standalone IE 7
: install?
: I am reviewing the article "Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 in
: standalone mode(IE7)" on this page:
: http://tinyurl.com/eb37c
: It seems pretty straight forward, but I cannot afford to fry my
: registry
: - which this install did at one time, but has been fixed.
: IF there is a better approach (other than Browser Cam) please elt me
: know.

Mentioned a number of times on the list - setup Virtual PC (free) or VMWare
Workstation (not so free) or VMWare Server (free). Install all the browsers,
OSes etc you want to test with inside your VMs

If you are a serious MS developer, invest in MSDN Subscription or Partner
Action Pack to get the necessary Windows licenses. Alternatively you wish to
stay legitimate you can just use trial-ware. The benefit of virtual machines
is that you can potentially test large numbers of OS/browser combinations.

I'm pretty sure virtualization's been mentioned a few times in the past 6


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