[thelist] ImageMagick and convert

Juha Suni juha.suni at sparecom.fi
Wed Oct 4 04:12:11 CDT 2006

Bob Meetin wrote:
> Juha & et,
> Can you or anyone suggest a better approach to solving the problem of
> site speed and over-sized images?

Wouldn't it just be enough to resample the images to certain dimensions 
(800x600?) and save them as 80% jpeg, for example. On average you should get 
image sizes that are average for images that size (for the example given I 
think we are looking at the range of about 60K to 200K).

Lowering the jpeg-quality (which, as discussed earlier, is not as good an 
option than one would imagine) and resampling the image to a different size 
are pretty much the only good options for lowering the filesize. I'd stick 
to them and make it simple. You could, of course, keep a filter in place 
that makes sure images below 100K, for example, would never get processed 
since they are small enough already.


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