[thelist] interactive charting

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 08:39:57 CDT 2006

>I'm not sure I can yet visualize what you're seeking... type of chart
>(fever, bar, pie, etc)... type of data source (web service, inline data,
>form-based, etc)... type of interactions ("zoom in" sounds like some
>type of drilldown, or maybe it's a timeline expansion, etc).
I did a rather poor job of explaining this, didn't I? -- a result of
several factors, for all of which I apologize: I didn't want to bore
thelist with details that may not be of interest, but mainly, because
I am not sure myself exactly what is needed here, and neither are the
developers that need my help!

But your thoughts are spot-on: a web service provides guaranteed
bandwidth availability information from a source and destination
router via Netbeans.  The developers would like an interface that:
- presents bandwidth availability via chart (time vs. BW). They
invision a simple bar graph for this, and I can't envision an
alternative, but maybe you can?
- allows a user to click on an available "reservation" slot to:
-=- zoom in on (drill down into) a specific start date and time
-=- specify an end date and time
-=- enter and submit details related to that slot (duration, min. BW,
perhaps even specify details for a second reservation for return/ACK
- utlimately on their wish list is a "drag" mechanism that allows a
user to click a spot on the chart as a start time, drag across to a
desired end time, and release to activate a dialog specific to that
timeline. However, since we have less than a month to get something up
and polished, we're not sure that's feasible for the immediate future.

The application is completely internal, but I could send snapshots of
the current interface if they would be of any interest.

>Am I correctly understanding that you have all the serverside data
>generation and request handling already taken care of, and that you're
>just looking for some types of clientside charting of this data, in each
>user's browser?

Yes: Netbeans data, just need client-side charting, and the ability to
interact with the data to reserve slots.

>If so, then the richest charting I know of is in Adobe Flex 2... samples
>can be tested on this page, under the "Charts" category:

Sadly, this page won't seem to load for me in Linux/Firefox w/Flash
Player installed.

>Or maybe you were looking for a literal "zoom in" timeline slider, like

Now that looks interesting... in my environment, the sliders and tool
tips work nicely. Is there another level of interaction that I'm
missing, i.e., should I be able to zoom into the chart on click?  When
I click, it just moves the slider to the bar I'm clicking... if it
were able to zoom into that bar instead, it might be perfect!


I'm grateful for your help and open to suggestions.  I hope my further
explanation here makes a bit more sense; if not, I'd be happy to
provide more info.


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